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Is a new base for the unknone and unsighed bands and artist out there who are trying to get there music out to you.We find them or thay find us and then we do our best to put them in the right spot to do them the most good for there talent to show.We let people hear them who might not other wise get to and that may open some doors for them--the bands and artist may send in music and have me do all the promoting for them--there music,the band,the artist,the who,the what ,the how,i do all of this and yes iam good at it.Or  thay just may want info on things of the same--promoting-where to look,where to try,things like this,i will help them there too.We here at CIMMARON PRODUCTION  do our best to get your music out to the people--that is what you want and that is what thay want--OLD HIPPIE CHUCK.Why u may ask-had my frist band in 1968 and had some people help me out --still have a band,singing and playing and haveing fun and paying back by helping others that may need a word-a push-a hug-ROCK N ROLL its a gas.

We dont do boy bands here--thats not rock n roll to us,What we do or try to do is to get  many local bands as possible--all so artist----Singer-songwriters from the local people and give them a chance to be seen and heard,not just hear but all over the place.So if u have a band and want to send in some of your stuff or info about yourself this is the place to do it--and let us get it out for you.If have MP3Swe can get it heard on a lot of sites-pics-info of your band,
If your an ARTIST--let us tell the world about you and give them a teast of your music and style.Like we said before--- this we do for free----

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